About FliteTest South Africa

More than two years in the making,  Johan and Elna have been granted the opportunity to manufacture FliteTest speedbuild kits under license, here in South Africa. After loads of tests , R&D and building relationship with the FliteTest team in the US, we where able to import a shipment of the famous MakerFoam, developed specifically for FliteTest kits. This foam board is amazing and nothing we could source locally came close to the weight and quality of the US manufactured MakerFoam.

With years of experience in lasercutting and 3D printing, and having a small manufacturing facility in Heidelberg Gauteng with a fleet of laser cutters and 3D printers, Johan was able to manufacture the speedbuild kits to the quality standards approved by the FliteTest team, to provide new comers and salted pilots alike, with an exceptional building and first flight experience. All this while getting families and people together, to fellowship and share the passion for flight and aviation.

We will be expanding the range of speedbuild kits and electronics in the future, and look forward to growing the FliteTest community here in SA!