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FT Bronco Speed Build Kit

FT Bronco Speed Build Kit

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This design is inspired by Josh's FT Explorer, as it follows the idea of a radically awesome, easy to build, fly, and modify design! The Bronco even uses the same core section from the FT Explorer, making it modular for all of your crazy aviation experiments.

Originally the design was a simple twin boom plane that had one fixed motor on the back to create a simple FPV ship that was durable and had lots of protection for the motor while keeping the FPV camera completely unobstructed. After the FT Explorer was released, Josh had the brilliant idea of integrating the simplistic concept of my design into a fully-fledged design capable of many configurations!

You will find that the design is easy to replicate if you're working from plans or a copy of the kit. If you're building the speed build kit, the process is very quick! The kit comes with three tail styles: an "A" tail for pitch and yaw control with just two servos, a lower "H" style tail that's akin to a P-38/C-119, and a OV-10 style bronco tail that looks like an "H" with the top cut off.

This model can run with twin motor configuration , or single pusher motor configuration , or go wild and do both!

Customize your build or simply go out and try your hand at creating your own unique flyer!


* WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 1.4 lbs (640 g)
* CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2" (51 mm) from leading edge of wing
* CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12˚ deflection - Expo 30%
* WINGSPAN: 42.75 inches (1086 mm)
* RECOMMENDED MOTORS: Park 370 - 425, 1000kv minimum
* RECOMMENDED PROP: 8 x 4.5 slow fly
* RECOMMENDED ESC: 20 amp minimum
* RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (4) 9 gram servos


FT Bronco Build

*Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! *

 The center fuselage is the same as the explorer, and the build of the fuselage can be seen here:

The power pods can be either normal twin motor pods, or pusher configuration - the pusher configuration is also borrowed from the explorer and can be found here:


 for two motor configuration , the power pods need to be built following this video:


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