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Flite Test - South Africa

FT EZ Space Shuttle (duo)

FT EZ Space Shuttle (duo)

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The FT EZ Space Shuttle is a blast to fly, both as a free-flight glider and as an FT EZ-powered radio-controlled aircraft.

The FT EZ Space Shuttle can be built in as little as 15 minutes and is specifically designed to help educate and inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts in the classroom and in the backyard.

Combine the FT EZ Space Shuttle with the FT EZ Power Pack and enjoy flight times up to eight minutes long and a gentle flight experience that is fun for all pilots.

In addition, by combining the FT EZ Space Shuttle with the FT STEM curriculum, pilots can learn the importance of the in-flight characteristics of proper weight and balance. The FT EZ Space Shuttle is fun for all ages!

Kit includes 2 airframes. You can build whatever combination of shuttles you choose. 



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