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Flite Test - South Africa

FT Simple Stick (1067 mm)

FT Simple Stick (1067 mm)

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The Simple Stick is a classic design that builders and pilots of all experience levels will enjoy. It is easy to build and is perfect for sport flying or aerobatics. The symmetrical aerofoil coupled with large control surfaces makes this four channel bird a great platform to experience both crisp precision aerobatics and amazing 3D manoeuvres.

For beginners in the hobby, install the optional FT Aura 5 board and have an amazing trainer experience coupled with a 3 cell battery. With the FT Aura5, this model can take you from beginner to advanced in no time. (Note: the FT Aura 5 is not included in the Speed Build Kit)


* Wingspan: 42 inches (1067mm)
* Weight Without Battery: 1.0 lbs (450 g)
* Centre Of Gravity: 2.25 inches (58 mm) from leading edge of wing
* Control Surface Throws: 16° throw (ailerons/elevator/rudder) Expo 30%

Kit Includes:

* Firewall
* Push Rods
* Control Horns
* Landing Gear Rod
* Specification Sheet

Note: Wheels are not included in kit. They must be bought separately.

Kit does not include any electronics - PowerPack B is recommended and can also be purchased separately from our store

Needed to Complete:

* Transmitter: Minimum 4 Channel
* Receiver: Minimum 4 Channel
* Battery: 1300mah -1800mah 3S or 4S Battery
* Power Pack: Flite Test Power Pack B V.2

*credits: Thanks Byron for the red painted stick pics 

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