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Flite Test - South Africa

FT Tutor (1055 mm)

FT Tutor (1055 mm)

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It's time to expand this iconic airframe to now be offered in our patented FT Maker Foam v.2 as the FT Tutor MKR2. The FT Tutor was designed to be a training aircraft modeled after classic trainers, like the Sig Kadet, Eagle 2, LT-40, and Freedom 20. This aircraft also follows the concept of the Simple Series using many of the same common build techniques. The desire is that the FT Tutor will not only be a great entry into the hobby for new pilots, but also a fantastic new training plane.


The Flite Test MKR2 product line are Flite Test SBKs that have been selected to be made from our new Maker Foam version 2. FT Maker foam v.2 offers the great benefit of the ability to be internally lighted and translucent to light up the night sky. This foam also holds the same water-resistant characteristics as FT's brown foam. Another great benefit to the MKR2 line is that they able to receive decals or paint without warping or delaminating. We're excited to offer a select line of MKR2 products alongside of our classic Flite Test foam aircraft.

The FT Tutor can be built as a 3-channel (combined with our power pack B) to enjoy easy relaxing flights. You can also add ailerons for basic aerobatics and the increased control that a 4-channel set up can give. The configuration can be set up as a taildragger, tricycle gear or even FT Simple Cub floats. If you want to turn things up to the extreme, add in the power pack C and the Turbo Tutor wing kit for insane aerobatics and 3D manoeuvres.

-Josh Bixler

Note: Wheels are not included in kit. They must be bought separately.



* Center Of Gravity: 2.25-2.5 inches (57-63mm) from leading edge of wing
* Wingspan: 41.5 inches (1055mm) Standard Wing

Kit does not include any electronics - PowerPack B is recommended and can also be purchased separately from our store

Recommended Motor: 2212B-1050kv Standard (Power Pack B), 2218B-1180kv Sport/Floats (Power Pack C)
* Recommended Prop: 10x4.5 3s, 9x4.5 4s
* Recommended ESC: 30-40 amp
* Recommended Battery: 1300mAh 3s or 4s with 9x4.5 prop
* Recommended Servos: (2-4) 9 gram servos


*Please note that product pictures do not always reflect what is contained in the kits. Please refer to the contents of the kit NOT the product pictures.

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